Beginners Guide to Hire a Limo Service in Houston

Most Houston, TX limo rental companies will want to know if you are going to use the limo for a wedding, prom, concert, birthday party. They need this information in order to provide the finest possible service. The more specific you can be the better experience you will receive.

Ok, that said, here are some tips on how to high ride n Houston Texas:

1. Rental companies charge different prices for different types of events. Below is a list of typical occasions that call for a limousine:

  • Airport Transfers
  • A-to-B Transfers
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Nights Out
  • City Tours
  • Proms
  • Concerts
  • Wine Tours
  • Client meetings
  • Special Events

It is useful to know that limo companies charge the lowest prices on Friday and Saturday nights. They also offer special rates for airport transportation and A-to-B transfers.

2. Since companies usually charge by the hour, you have to know for how many hours you are going to use the vehicle.

3. Of course, you should also know how many people will ride in the limo. Limousines come in different sizes and types – some can seat only 4 passengers, while others are big enough for 10. There are even limo buses and shuttle buses for more than 20 passengers.

4. Bear in mind that low price is not everything. When it comes to a special occasion, you will want to feel special. Limos are a luxury. Similarly to hotels, limo companies charge different prices for different quality of service. You certainly would not like to invest in anything that is literally and figuratively cheap. This would mean that you will not get the experience you want. The money spent on low quality service is wasted.

5. You should select the vehicle that is most suitable for your occasion. A classic car like a Rolls Royce is good for weddings, while a stretch Hummer will be best for your bachelor party.

6. Know that good limo companies should be licensed and insured for the sake of you and your guests’ safety. You should not trust a company without license or insurance.

7. You should be able to communicate your expectations from the limo ride to your service provider. You should tell whether you will want drinks and ice, what route you prefer to travel and the places where you would like to stop.

8. You should make reservations early enough. Wedding limos, for example should be booked 12-18 months before the event, in some cases you can get a limo reserved 3 months from your wedding date. For other occasions such as proms, a few months in advance are enough.

9. The limo company of your choice should be able to provide you with a written copy of the contract and reservation, the confirmation/reservation number and the cancellation policy.

10. Call the company 2-4 days before your occasion to confirm your reservation. Make sure that they got all your details about the route and special requirements right. Call 3 hours before the event to check if everything is proceeding as planned

How to get the best "Party Bus" for any Event - Houston TX

Party buses are a popular transportation alternative when you want to transport a group of people in one vehicle. Though they are known as party buses and are definitely used for nights out on the town; they can also be used for almost any event where you require transportation for a group of people.

Popular uses for party buses include, but are not limited to: Prom Night Transportation, Weddings Transportation, golf outings, conventions, cruise transfers and many other events in Houston.

party bus rental Houston

We offer three different vehicle sizes to accommodate your party, as well as provide comfort for everyone aboard. Our smallest one, the Mercedes Sprinter will comfortably accommodate 16 people; the mid-size bus 22 people, and the larger bus will hold 26 people. You might want to consider these transportation alternatives as you plan your next convention or wedding event in Houston. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, regardless if you are using our services for an important company convention or fun party with friends.

Another benefit to using a party bus is the cost-effectiveness when compared to other forms of group transportation. For certain events like proms, nights out on the town, and occasions where it is appropriate to pay a portion of the cost, the total cost of the bus is very minimal considering the convenience and safety of having an appointed driver.

We provide you with a few options to reserve the buses, for your convenience. We encourage you to request a quote for your specific event, and then we will recommend the best option for you. You will find our prices competitive and our service, the best.

10 Tips To Getting A Wedding Limo Service in Houston

A Wedding Limousine is important to any Couple on their wedding day. Some couples make Houston their preferred destination for weddings, and embark on an exciting journey they will never forget. Houston boasts of exciting destinations to visit, and a multi-cultural well-rounded experience for any wedding.

One way to decrease stress and increase the fun is to use a limo service to transport your wedding party guest. Here are ten tips for getting the best wedding limousine service in Houston.

1. Schedule in advance – As a popular destination for weddings in the U.S, it is important to plan in advance and schedule your limousine ahead of your wedding, date. Every season has peak times, so be sure to plan ahead to secure the best price and options for your Wedding day.

2. Contact for information and best practices – It is always a good practice to ask as many questions as necessary and get guidance on how to make your limousine service fun and stress-free on your wedding day. We will coordinate all stops and routes ahead of time based on your needs.

3. Decide the type of vehicle you want – Have you decided what type of limousine you want for your wedding? We have options and you don’t have to settle for what everyone else uses for weddings. Whether it’s a luxury SUV limo, Rolls Royce, Bentley, or Mercedes Sprinter, we can make sure what you want is available if given the right amount of time, usually a month in advance.

4. Choose the best location for pickup – Are you and your wedding party traveling from overseas and need a ride from one of the area airports, or are you a local that needs transportation from a church, hall, or country club in Houston? You decide the location and we will meet you ahead of time, on time!

5. Outsource the driving to professionals instead of family members – You want your wedding day to be perfect and we want to help accomplish just that. Don’t worry about coordinating several rides for several people; we will be more than happy to provide a luxurious ride for everyone you’ve included. Leave the driving to the professionals so you can relax and enjoy your special wedding day.

6. Choose a limo service well versed in travel times, traffic and safety – We know how to get you where you need to go safely and on time. Based on the time of day and where you need to go, we will map out the best route so you won’t have to worry about scenic routes or bumper-to-bumper traffic 9if possible).

7. Let us know your preferred contact method – We will keep in contact with you as the time gets closer, to make sure the details have not changed and our professional chauffeurs are aware of any special instructions or requests during your wedding. Let us know how to get in touch to avoid any miscommunication or unnecessary stress for you as the wedding day draws closer.

8. Visit us online or Call to find out options available – We try to make as much information as possible available to you on our user-friendly website so that you will have no problem getting answers to your questions, or choosing the vehicle best suited for your wedding party .

9. Leave the Details to us, Relax – As professional limo chauffeurs, we want to assure you that we are able to help you narrow down the details most important to you so that you can focus on other details of your wedding day. We’ll advise you on the best vehicles and pick up times based on your wedding party size and limo transportation needs.

10. Competitive rates and outstanding service – We offer outstanding service and competitive rates to help you stay within your wedding day budget. We know how important value is and understand that your wedding day should be memorable for what it represents, not how costly it can be. Request a quote today.

Houston Luxury Limousine Chauffeur Service For Events

Houston Luxury Limousine Chauffeur Service For Events

With an exclusive partnership with the leading exotic car rental agency in Houston, iCorp Transportation can offer service for your special event in one of many luxury sedans, coupes, vans or SUVs such as the Mercedes S550 and Mercedes Sprinter. Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade both short and extended versions.